Green homes in Los Angeles taking advantage of the energy-efficiency trend

As fossil fuels and other sources of expendable energy may result in pollution and other unpleasant consequences, people in the United States are encouraged by the government to limit their personal carbon footprints. This could be something as simple as turning the lights off at night or as complicated as owning a car that runs on ethanol. However, recent statistics on homes for sale in Los Angeles are showing that California residents are either purchasing or upgrading homes with energy-efficient technology.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nearly 10,000 homes in the Golden State now bear the GreenPoint label, which is considered to be one of the most difficult environmental regulatory standards to meet. This service rates a home based on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and resource conservation, among various other factors.

"A green home is good for the planet, healthier for you and your family, and now, with these new rebates, getting the label that proves your home is green is basically free," said Los Angeles County Office of Sustainability general manager Howard Choy, according to the news source.

As the housing market continues to recover, green homes in Los Angeles may become a popular destination for those interested in promoting sustainability.