Four reasons now is the right time to move to LA

Moving is a big decision, and even if you're already looking for real estate in Los Angeles, you might be hemming and hawing about whether or not you're really ready to uproot yourself and settle down on the West Coast.

If you've been fretting about when to make your big move, wonder no more. Right now is the right time to become an Angelino. Here are four reasons to get started on moving to LA today.

Avoid the winter
Cold weather is beginning to take over much of the Midwest and East Coast, meaning it's just about time to break out those shovels and ice scrapers. In Southern California, however, the temperature rarely dips below 40 degrees - even at night.

And that great weather isn't just good news for sunbathers. These hot temperatures are great for homeowners, because it means no frozen pipes, no shoveling the driveway, no draining the pool and no worrying about unsafe driving. If you want to avoid winter's yearly hassles, moving to Los Angeles before they hit is a great way to get started on a new, easier life out west. Don't bother packing those winter coats - you won't need them here.

Take advantage of the recovering housing market
Finally, the housing market is on the upswing. According to The Los Angeles Times, Southern California saw a traditional seasonal slow in housing sales over the summer, leading to a rise in home prices. The median home price in the Southland rose over $300,000, according to the source.

Analysts are forecasting that the median home price in Los Angeles will continue to rise into 2013, so now is the perfect time to jump in and grab a great deal on the perfect home for you and your family.

Spend the holidays in a new city
If you're nervous about leaving friends and family behind, early fall is a great time to move because the holiday season offers plenty of opportunities to travel back to your old hometown or area. Alternatively, holiday get-togethers also offer the perfect excuse to invite your loved ones to check out your new home.

Find new job opportunities
One reason many families and couples are considering relocating is to search for employment. Luckily, unemployment numbers are dropping rapidly in Southern California, making it a great option for anyone looking for a new job. Los Angeles County's unemployment rate dropped from 12.5 percent in July 2011 to 11 percent in August 2012, according to figures from the state Employment Development Department. The Los Angeles Times adds that LA County added 74,000 new jobs over the year.

So what are you waiting for? Now's the perfect time to search for real estate in Los Angeles and start your new life on the West Coast.