Five great things to do in Los Angeles in the fall

With 330 days of sunshine a year, Los Angeles is considered by many to be in a state of permanent summer. However, locals know that while the Southern California seasons may be subtle, there are still plenty of changes as the year rolls by. If you're looking into owning real estate in Los Angeles, you may be curious about exactly what there is to do when the weather starts cooling off. Here are five fun LA pastimes to enjoy in the fall.

Go hiking and camping
Hot Los Angeles summers can make hiking and camping uncomfortable in June, July and August, but by the time September comes around, it's time to break out those boots and tents. With miles and miles of gorgeous trails and campgrounds to explore, Los Angeles has plenty to offer the outdoor adventurer - and autumn is the perfect time to enjoy it all.

Travel up into the Angeles National Forest, located just 30 minutes from the city center, and you'll find pine groves, hiking trails, well-maintained campsites and plenty of room for bonfires, cookouts and time away from the bright lights of downtown.

Go wine tasting
Northern California gets all the glory when it comes to wine, but LA has some fine vineyards of its own. Try Malibu Family Wines or the rolling estates of Santa Barbara for a fun way to enjoy a breezy afternoon.

Hit up the farmers market
Fall is harvest season, which means the local farmers markets will abound with fresh apples, pumpkins and veggies for you and your family to enjoy. The Santa Monica Farmers Market is a great option, as is the Hollywood Farmers Market. For the biggest selection, though, you'll want to seek out the LA Original Farmers Market, a smorgasbord of locally-grown goodies that won't cost you a fortune but help you stay healthy as winter flu season approaches.

Visit the Los Angeles County Fair
Think LA doesn't know how to do country? Think again. The Los Angeles County Fair features carnival rides, cotton candy, funnel cake and all the other treats you'll typically find at more rural get-togethers. Hosted at Fairplex Park, the fair is the perfect excuse to spend a cool evening outdoors before the summer fades away for good.

Get cultured
Fall is opera season! Give something new a try by catching the LA Opera's performance of Wagner's "Lohengren," playing until December 12.

If opera's not your thing, the LA Philharmonic also plays a number of shows in the fall and winter, so you can catch some classical tunes.