The best SoCal cities for commuters

Los Angeles has more than a few fabulous attributes, like beachside living, posh shopping and dining, gorgeous homes and plenty of outdoor activities. However, if there's one thing that gets Angelinos down, it's the commute. Driving from the suburbs to downtown LA can mean sitting in relentless traffic, sometimes for hours.

If you're looking for real estate in Los Angeles and planning to commute downtown for work, it's important to know which cities offer the easiest ride. Here's our list of the best Southern California towns with easy access to both suburban leisure and giant skyscrapers.

Hancock Park
An oasis of suburban luxury located not far from all that downtown has to offer, Hancock Park splits the difference perfectly between city living and raising a family.

This affluent neighborhood filled with highly-educated residents borders trendy West Hollywood, making it ideal for young adults who don't want to be too far from shopping and nightlife opportunities. Nearby, the Grove, a luxury outdoor mall, offers dining and entertainment for both singles and families.

However, the best part about Hancock Park is the commute. Residents of this unique neighborhood can hop in their cars and be downtown in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Culver City
Located about equidistant from the beach and downtown, Culver City is ideal for potential home buyers who want to have it all. Reach the shores in under half an hour or travel to work (or play) downtown in just 20 minutes.

Culver City has many young residents, making it ideal for families who are just starting out in Southern California, or who have young, school-age children. According to The Los Angeles Times, the average age of Culver City residents is 39.

Los Feliz
Bordering Sunset Boulevard to the south and the green space of Griffith Park to the north, Los Feliz is about as quintessentially LA as you can get. Hit up miles of running, hiking and biking trails in Griffith Park in the morning, then travel to the outskirts of the city for trendy shopping and dining in the afternoon. It'll only take you about 25 minutes to get downtown, whether you're heading into the city for work or to catch a Lakers game.

Los Angeles has a reputation for bad commutes, and if you live too far from the city center, you could find yourself idling in traffic for hours. However, choose your real estate in Los Angeles wisely, and you'll be able to get downtown - and back - in no time.