The best Los Angeles neighborhoods for childless adults

Los Angeles has plenty of family-friendly neighborhoods with great amenities for kids and parents alike, but what about adults who don't plan on having children? Couples and singles who plan to stay child-free are looking for different amenities when it comes to buying real estate in Los Angeles. They aren't on the lookout for great public schools or local playgrounds - just lots of fun activities, shopping and dining.

If you're a childless adult looking to purchase a home in the Los Angeles area, here are three neighborhoods that might have everything you're looking for.

While Brentwood is a popular choice with families, it also has a lot to offer adults who don't have kids. Although the neighborhood is pricey, smaller homes that can comfortably fit a couple without children and can sell for far less than their larger counterparts, meaning childless adults could get a great deal here if they know where to look.

Brentwood is home to some of LA's best shopping and dining, with all kinds of hip eateries and outlets to explore. Ice cream shops, vegan lunch cafes and other unique experiences await the adventurous eater in you.

Perhaps the best thing about living in Brentwood is the town's proximity to the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA has much to offer all Southern California residents, not just students. With lectures, events, screenings and classes open to the public, this prestigious institution is Brentwood's main attraction and offers a lot of entertainment for adults of all ages and interests.

West Hollywood
The epicenter of Los Angeles nightlife, West Hollywood, is known for its wild clubs, concert venues and bars. With a friendly and happening LGBTQ scene, WeHo is also one of LA's most accepting and diverse neighborhoods. This busy, active town may not be ideal for young kids, but for childless adults who want to take advantage of everything Southern California living has to offer, it's just the right place.

Silver Lake
With a median home value of approximately $475,000, Silver Lake is surprisingly affordable as Los Angeles neighborhoods go - and it has a lot to offer the free-spirited adult. Tattoo parlors, fun pubs and trendy diners are just a few of the unique activities that await the adventurous in Silver Lake. And for those who want a more traditional experience, the city still has all the trappings of the suburbs, like basketball courts and a dog park.

Best of all, Silver Lake's proximity to downtown means you'll never have to miss out on the action at Staples Center or L.A. Live - and you'll never have to call the babysitter.