The best LA neighborhoods for outdoor enthusiasts

Los Angeles may not be known for outdoor activity the way that cities like Boulder and Denver are, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty for active people to do in the area. In fact, Los Angeles is home to some unique flora and fauna and gorgeous year-round weather that make it ideal for those who love nature to spend time outside. While some Southland neighborhoods are urban and manicured, others are a bit more wild. If you're an outdoor enthusiast searching for real estate in Los Angeles, here are three neighborhoods where you can concentrate your efforts.

La Canada-Flintridge
Located at the base of the Angeles National Forest, La Canada-Flintridge is a quiet and affluent suburban community comprised mostly of families. While the town's main street has plenty of restaurants and shopping, drive just fifteen minutes up Angeles Crest Highway and you'll find yourself in some of the best hiking and camping territory in Southern California.

Not interested in a long drive? Right at the edge of the city sits Hahamongna Watershed Park, a favorite with equine enthusiasts thanks to its many horse trails. With organized parks and a full frisbee golf course in addition to lots of wilderness, the Hahamongna Watershed is ideal for families and kids of all ages.

Laguna Niguel
Located just over an hour south of Los Angeles in neighboring Orange County, Laguna Niguel is perfect for surfers and beachgoers. Miles of gorgeous, sandy beaches are punctuated by al fresco dining establishments and lots of bookshops and antique stores in this artistic SoCal hamlet.

Best of all, homes in Laguna Niguel can actually be less expensive than homes closer to downtown. For outdoor enthusiasts who'd prefer nature trails over freeways any day, distance from the city can be a bonus - and save you some money when it comes to purchasing real estate in Los Angeles.

Situated northwest of Los Angeles, Topanga is a haven for mountain bikers. The nearby Topanga State Park has miles of desert trails with plenty of scrub and wildlife to make every trek an adventure.

With off-road trails for experts and paved areas for beginners, mountain bikers of all levels can find a home in beautiful and affordable Topanga.

Moving to Los Angeles doesn't mean moving to an urban jungle. LA and the surrounding area is home to some of the world's most diverse landscapes, from snowy mountaintops to pristine beaches to dry, hot deserts. No matter which outdoor adventure is calling you, you can answer it in Los Angeles.