Vegas officials discuss future of the economy

In June, North Las Vegas officials declared the area a state of fiscal emergency as the city has a $30 million debt. The city is now assuring residents that budget cuts will be made in other places rather than to the salaries of firefighters, policemen and important officials necessary to keep the town functioning normally. Also making a comeback are the options available for real estate in Las Vegas, which, although it suffered in the housing crisis, is slowly on the rise - making now an ideal time to invest in a home.

On July 11, residents of the city joined together to hear officials’ five-year plan to ensure growth and stability, provide public safety and maintain comfort in an area that residents say is a close-knit community.

"Today, we have a balanced budget, and we meet the safety needs of our residents, and we're moving forward to continue to provide for you a great quality of life," North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck said at a community meeting. "Right now, no police or firefighter has been laid off."

Buck suggests residents stick to buying locally and supporting area businesses to help boost the economy, and she even spoke of a possible campaign to further promote such actions.