Unique, booming metropolis just outside of The Strip

In Northwest Las Vegas, residents have plenty of activities at their disposal, from heading to The Strip to the slopes. This area of Las Vegas is the most affluent of the city. Homebuyers looking for real estate in Las Vegas may have luck, since the rate of foreclosures is high and prices are nearly 50 percent less than their peak.

Northwest Las Vegas homes tend to have large lots, which invite residents to install pools to beat the desert heat. Properties encompass an average of a half-acre, but some homeowners purchase more than one acre. Ideal for people wanting space of their own, the homes in the area are generally not in close proximity to one another. Unique construction of homes in Northwest Las Vegas don’t fit into the typical cookie-cutter style, as many residences have distinct characteristics.

The area’s proximity to everything Las Vegas has to offer is attractive to any homebuyer. Ski and snowboard resorts are roughly 25 minutes away, and as is the Las Vegas Strip. For an added bonus, the area’s location is cooler than other nearby locales.

The region boasts tall palm trees and many new businesses, making now a prime time to buy in the area. Small shops, restaurants and car dealerships are booming along the both sides of the freeway north of Ann Road, creating a town center.

The area’s booming storefronts present a variety of options for anyone. Restaurants in the area include elegant and high-class options without the sticker shock of similar food found on The Strip. Buckingham Smokehouse is heaven for barbecue lovers, Grape Street Cafe is an inexpensive bistro with lovely outdoor seating and Makino is a sushi and seafood buffet with a serene atmosphere.

The Painted Desert golf community is a residential area, but it also open to the public. In addition to the golf course, this community resort has walking, biking and hiking paths. This region is also home to many horse stables, for those wanting to venture into the mountains on horseback.

Homes in Northwest Las Vegas’ Desert Shores neighborhood range greatly in price. Homebuyers can find inexpensive rates in the range of $30,000 due to short sales, or find a luxurious home for more than $800,000.