New business complex attracts residents, creates jobs

The western valley of Las Vegas will get 10 more businesses by the end of the year, according to Vegas Inc. Real estate in Las Vegas, which was hit hard by the recession, will likely improve after the makeover of the Village Square shopping and office complex.

Sentinel Development, the company managing the project, said the construction and new tenants will create about 250 new jobs within the next year. The project, which broke ground on July 24, will provide Village Square with an entire facelift. The 240,000-square-foot complex will get an improvement in accessibility, redesigned parking areas, better pedestrian walkways, new facades and new signs. The occupancy rate held steady at about 50 percent for several years before the complex was bought out, but interior updates are intended to attract more tenants.

“We’re targeting quality tenants that have a wide range of the spectrum: from family night through date night,” Colby Durnin, a principal with Sentinel Development told Vegas Inc. “Success breeds success. If you have twice the number of businesses to come see, you have more reasons to come to the center. It’s all about attracting the right businesses.”