Las Vegas first city in state to have sidewalk recycling

Homeowners looking at real estate in Las Vegas may notice that the streets of the busy downtown area have become much cleaner. New recycling and trash receptacles are popping up all over downtown Las Vegas make sure the city’s streets aren’t cluttered with litter.

The initiative is part of a public and private partnership, between Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and Creative Outdoor Advertising, to also improve the cleanliness of transit stops and create a revenue flow to the city. Currently, the city has more than 20 receptacle stations that allow pedestrians to separate their trash from waste that can be recycled. Las Vegas is the first city in Nevada to have this type of program.

“It is a 100 percent cost-free waste urgent solution for the city of Las Vegas and it is a first for the state of Nevada,” said Bill Schwartz, municipal affairs manager for Creative Outdoor. “Each time a city in American places a trash can on its public right-of-way, your landfills become a little bigger. In Las Vegas that's about to change.”

The city has already received $37,000 from the advertising used with the program, which will be invested into services for the community.