Henderson schools rated high, market sees improvements

Real estate in Las Vegas showed an improvement in April, but one of the metropolitan area's most booming neighborhoods is located just outside of the Las Vegas city limits. Though it is one of the hottest areas in the valley, the housing market in the community of Henderson is quickly developing, and the county’s schools received top-notch scores.

The city began a neighborhood stabilization program for its low-income families, which helped them purchase or rent homes in the area. Beginning in 2009, the city worked to improve neighborhoods in the area that needed work by fixing up and selling or renting abandoned and vandalized homes.

The Henderson area’s more luxurious neighborhoods, such as Green Valley, Silverado and Silver Hills, make up much of the first suburban communities surrounding Las Vegas. Henderson’s large, diverse community is family-friendly, especially in the old downtown sector. Child-oriented activities, classes and park activities attract many individuals to the area.

Several schools in Clark County School District, including Green Valley, were recently rated 4 out of 5 stars in career readiness, graduation rates, academic growth and school climate, demonstrating the great educational opportunities that the area boasts.