Arts are vibrant and abundant in downtown Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of many attractions, and the downtown region of the city has more to offer than slot machines and Cher. The arts district is a bustling hub for local musicians, artists and dancers fit for vibrant nightlife. The neighborhood, named 18b, is ideal for someone looking for real estate in Las Vegas who wants to be close to all the action.

A main attraction in 18b is the area’s First Friday festival. This cultural event attracts 10,000 people every month to watch the streets light up with fire dancers, live music and eclectic art galleries. Roughly 18 blocks of urban arts attract residents and visitors alike to take in the festivities, drink, eat and meet new people.

The artistic neighborhood is centered around the Arts Factory, a community created to bring together artists and hone talents. People join to engage and collaborate with one another through classes and live events. The organization is located in a historic building from 1946 that was once used as a furniture store and light industrial warehouse.

Bordered by Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue, Fourth Street, Colorado Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard, the area boasts one-of-a-kind restaurants and shops. Eclectic stores that line that streets are unlike others in the region. Glamorous Doodads is a handmade jewelry store known for its wine carrying cases. Designer toy store Happy Panda Toys features limited edition art and clothing made by artists around the world.

The area is also home to many studios and galleries that teach classes and house world class items. Gainsburg Studio, located on Main Street, teaches 12-week courses in stone carving.

A non-profit organization, City of the World Gallery, promotes arts of all kinds in Nevada. The organization educates and engages anyone interested in art and houses up to 28 artists’ work at all times. The hut-like building looks like an avant-garde home from the outside, but has a welcoming tone.

Although the region is known for its artistic glory, it's also notable when it comes to cuisine. Bar + Bistro at the Arts Factory is a gem in the area. Seasonal, fresh food is made here, in a fusion of Latin, Italian, French and American cooking styles. Every single item on the menu is homemade and the atmosphere is quintessentially Las Vegas.