Jacksonville tops list of most affordable NFL cities to buy a home near stadium

Jacksonville ranks tops on a recent list of 10 National Football League (NFL) cities with the most affordable homes within walking distance of their home stadiums, according to The Florida Times-Union. Football aficionados and families looking for tailgating opportunities in their driveways instead of stadium parking lots should consider this list when looking for houses for sale in Jacksonville.

The list cited two homes in particular, both located just a few blocks from EverBank Field. Each of these homes features mortgage payments of only $32 and $53 a month, making them ideal purchases for prospective homebuyers looking to immerse themselves in a great football experience for an affordable price.

The hometown Jacksonville Jaguars have undergone several dramatic changes in recent months that have energized the city and the fanbase. According to Forbes, the team was purchased by Pakistan-born businessman Shahid Khan in January for $770 million. Since becoming the first ethnic-minority owner in the league, Khan has spent tremendous time and effort to shore up the previously-languid fanbase and provide a more engaging experience for locals to support the team.

"You've gotta be engaged in the business and have the right people in the business," Khan told the Jacksonville Business Journal. "What we're doing here is going out and reaching out to customers - who obviously are our fans - and we're putting together a game-day experience that they value, that they want to show up for."

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been courting local businesses in the community in a collaborative effort to spruce up the surrounding area near the stadium. According to the Jacksonville Daily Record, the Chamber of Commerce has identified continued Jaguars advocacy as being vital to the community. This follows on one of the chamber's key initiatives last year, namely to "Save the Jaguars." The acquisition of the team by Khan has largely taken care of that, with substantial funds reinvested into the team and, by extension the surrounding neighborhood and local community.

Continued investment in the area around the stadium could drive up the demand for homes in the area, especially among football fans. The ability to host get-togethers and tailgating parties in the comfort of your own home, followed by a short walk to the stadium, could be a great selling point.