3 neighborhoods you need to check out when buying a home in Jacksonville

With a bustling downtown community, thriving business district, and residential communities along the banks of the St. Johns River; Jacksonville, Florida offers work opportunities and the ambiance of a riverfront community. Jacksonville homebuyers will find that the city's various neighborhoods have their own distinct look, property style and amenities. Of these neighborhoods, Downtown Jacksonville, LaVilla and Brooklyn all have distinct benefits to consider.

Downtown Jacksonville

Jacksonville homebuyers who are looking to cut down on their commute often choose to purchase properties in downtown Jacksonville near the business district. Because land is at a premium in the downtown area, those buying a home in Jacksonville will find that condos are the common type of properties for sale here. Prices in downtown Jacksonville vary based on the size and prestige of the property. While there are several luxury condos and estates in the region, including waterfront options, there are also more affordable properties as well. The average listing price as of the end of November 2012 was $334,462, but the median sales price over the last 30 days was just $52,350. With a budget of about $100,000 and $200,000, Jacksonville homebuyers will can afford a nice sized property in the downtown region.


If you prefer the nostalgia of a historic neighborhood, but still need to be fairly close to the downtown business district, consider shopping for properties in LaVilla. LaVilla is the historic section of Jacksonville to the west of the downtown region. Public transportation into the business district makes the short commute manageable, while proximity to recently restored historic buildings, like the Ritz Theatre, adds ambiance to the neighborhood.

Those buying a home in Jacksonville who are interested in LaVilla will find single family homes to be quite common, although there are a few town homes and condos as well. The average listing price in LaVilla is around $160,000. This area tends to have fewer properties for sale, so you will want to move quickly when one is put up for sale that matches your needs.


Jacksonville homebuyers also appreciate the waterfront locations in Brooklyn. Situated along the St. John's River, Brooklyn offers a variety of single-family homes, including waterfront properties. Some of the homes in this region have fallen into disrepair, but their lower prices and convenient location make them perfect for those who enjoy the challenge of a "fixer upper." If you are buying a home in Jacksonville and wish to live along the river, then Brooklyn may be a good choice for you.

To add to the appeal of Brooklyn, this area currently has plans to restore the community, with the goal of adding more green space and making the riverfront region more appealing for Jacksonville homebuyers. Purchasing property now, when homes are typically selling for around $50,000, would give you the chance to be in on the ground floor of this planned renovation.

Whether you choose the riverfront homes in Brooklyn, the historic properties in LaVilla or the more modern condos in the business district, each of these communities will put you near all of the action that makes Jacksonville an appealing place to live. With fairly affordable properties and the amenities of a thriving city, you will find much to like in Jacksonville.

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