iPad vs. Nexus 7: The Great Tablet Face-off

We love technology here at ZipRealty, and Google has gotten our attention with its recent tablet product: the Nexus 7 (which literally flew off the shelves). I know you might be thinking, what could possibly compete with the new iPad (with retina display)?

But the 7-inch Nexus is pretty impressive! In addition to a side-by-side comparison of the product specs, how do the tablets compare when it comes to searching for real estate?

ZipRealty’s mobile app is compatible with both the iPad and Android devices including the Nexus 7. Here’s a rundown of each device and how it can help your home search:


The Reigning King: the new iPad

Operating System: iOS

Price: $629 (ouch!)

Display: Retina (2048 x 1536 screen resolution)

Size: 9.7 inches

Extra Awesome: Rear-facing camera and 4G LTE wireless option

The iPad and Your Home Search: The iPad is awesome. No, really, really awesome. The general consensus is that it’s the best tablet out there, and we shouldn’t even be comparing them in the first place.

Seeing that it has the highest resolution available and is ultra-fast, this is a great choice for sitting at home, sipping wine, and browsing through bright and clear photos of homes you’re interested in. Searching is a breeze, and our iOS apps pack a punch with Streetsketch™ and the ability to create new searches directly from the device.

The New Kid on the Block: Nexus 7

Operating System: Android

Price: $199 (what a steal!)

Display: Hi-res (1280 x 800 screen resolution)

Size: 7 inches

Extra Awesome: Highly portable and lightweight

The Nexus 7 and Your Home Search: The Nexus 7, besides having a great value (a tablet for 200 bucks – seriously?), is super-portable. Portability doesn’t sound sexy, but the ability to hold the app securely in one hand – while searching, browsing photos, and more – is a huge advantage.

We were lucky enough to snag a Nexus 7 for our mobile team, and I tried out the ZipRealty mobile app on it. Although I noticed it was a bit slower than the iPad, it was a lot easier to use since I didn’t have to set it down or prop it up. If I were going to see homes on the weekend, this is definitely the tablet I would take with me. I’m not the only iOS fan who feels this way either!

Whether you love and use iOS or Android, we’ve got you covered – check out the ZipRealty mobile app to take your search to go.

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