Invite the Spring Inside: Super-stylish Vases and Planters to Make at Home

Since so many of you loved (and repined) our DIY garden projects from last week, we thought we’d do another roundup of cool and creative ideas we stumbled across this week. On Wednesday, we took a look at bold and botanical designer – Marimekko – whose fun, floral prints and designs are selling at Crate & Barrel (which you can win if you’re participating in our spring sweepstakes, Drop in and Win!)

Following on the heels of last Friday’s post, here are some awesome DIY projects to bring the green of spring blooms inside your home! Flowers are a sure-fire and inexpensive way to brighten up your home, especially if April showers are lingering like they are in the Bay Area.

But why stop at flowers? These super-stylish vases and planters will make your floral arrangements sing!

First, from one of my favorite blogs around, DesignLoveFest has a great color-dipped vase project. It’s really simple – all you need is tape, candle holders, and spray paint! This is one I definitely want to try.

You need a tarnished spittoon for this one, but that’s the hardest part. Once you find one, you can make this half-and-half dull & shiny planter from Design*Sponge with just lemon and salt!

If you have a simple, glass cylinder vase, wrap it in twine and use spray paint to create this striped vase. The tutorial uses white, but I would recommend a bright color that contrasts your flowers for the full effect!

I know the world’s gone crazy about terrariums, and this mini-hanging planter project is honestly too adorable to ignore!

At the very least, I am going to buy some flowers this weekend to bring the spring inside. And maybe I’ll even try one of these awesome DIY projects.

Which one of do you want to try?

Happy Friday!