Inspired by Spring: Use Color to Transform Your Space

Touring houses right now? You may be trying to picture how to transform empty spaces into warm, inviting, colorful rooms that invite and excite. But such imagining can be hard without inspiration-- and making those inspired ideas into reality can be hard without cash.

ZipRealty’s Drop in and Win can help with both. Visit a home you are interested in with your agent and you could win one of three prizes.  If you win, you can choose a Crate and Barrel gift certificate, because just stepping into that store inspires.  And right now, with spring popping up on fabrics walls, and furniture, you can bring those fresh colors and ideas with you into your new home.


Finnish designer, Majia Isola, uses a whimsical color blocking style that caught the attention of Crate and Barell in the 1960s. Her line, Marimekko, truly captures the joy of spring in pattern, texture, shape and hue (such as the yellow-flowered print you see here). Whether you’re simply adding some bright yellow pillows to recast the mood of your living room furniture or you’re adding spring green accents to an outdoor space, Marimekko has the accessories you need.


Crate and Barrel Spring inspiration

Need to see it all working in a room? The spring catalog for Crate and Barrel is out, and these rooms (pages torn straight from that catalog)show you how splashes of seasonal color enliven a space. First, we see bright colors spilled over a white canvas (and notice there's a sale going on!).

Spring colors for decorating


Beautiful though this is, if you’ve got a spoiled dog who thinks he’s a person,  kids who think a couch works just as well as a bowl for eating ice cream, or any propensity for spilling, a white couch may not be very practical. Does that mean you have to resign yourself to a winter pallet? Not according to this photo:

Cool Spring colors for makeover a room


Here a dark couch is paired with light accents, giving a soothing and almost spring at the beach coolness to the space. Notice the wood panel accents, which you could do yourself with the help of a DIY store like Lowe’s.

Spatial Intelligence

Sometimes we can’t figure out how to bring spring, which is wild, youthful and free, into a big square room. Check out how the use of space in this Crate and Barrel's Marimekko  example transforms a potentially cold room into an inviting place to gather. Here too we see a mixture of patterns, color, and textures also contributes to the welcome, airy and spring-like atmosphere.

Use space wisely in room decorating


Spring colors for the bedroom

Let Your Love of Color Be Your Guide

Even if all you have energy for is to paint the walls and throw in a pillow or two, you can completely makeover a room. Visit our Color Schemes page on Pinterest (where I found this robin’s egg blue bedroom. Love the delicate wall treatment!).

Inspire Us!

If you’ve already captured spring in your new home or want to show us what you do with your prize money, we’d love to see.  Share your tips (or pics) on the blog or at our Facebook page.