How to Buy a Short Sale or Distressed Property, in Video!

Friday is supposed to be less stressful than the rest of the week, so though we’re still talking about a potentially stressful topic– buying a short-sale– we’ll present it as painlessly as possible. Right: minimal reading! Instead, we present ZipRealty videos, how-tos on buying a short-sale and also on buying distressed properties in general.

ZipRealty Short Sale “How To” for Homebuyers

ZipRealty “How To” purchase Distressed Properties: Short Sales and Foreclosures

Note: videos such as these, as well as copious pages of useful text (so yes, that means more reading, but all of it helpful!) are available to you free at ZipRealty’s Learning Center.

You can search for homes, including short sales/distressed properties, through ZipRealty’s home search. Just create a filter for your search that indicates you want these listings to come up as you’re searching.

For more advice on buying a short-sale, go here.