Before you move, donate your unwanted possessions

If yours is one of the homes for sale in Woodlands, TX, and you do not plan to relocate all of your furniture and clothing one you've gone, consider donating the materials rather than throwing them out. Recycling possessions may be able to help people in need, and there are several local outlets that will gladly take your unwanted goods.

When packing up your clothes, look to see if any of the items no longer fit. The shirts, pants, jackets and shoes you may not be interested in can be donated to Goodwill. There is a Goodwill Store located on 112 Robinson Road, and it takes your old belongings including apparel, kitchenware, electronics or small pieces of furniture. Instead of leaving these items in the trash, you may want to consider helping those in need by donating the belongings to a good cause.

If you have larger pieces of furniture, you may want to donate the items to the Hand-Me-Up Shop. This establishment has two locations - 25018 Spring Ridge Drive and 4242 Interfaith Way. If you have the means to drop off pieces of furniture, the organization will gladly accept. However, Hand-Me-Up Shop also will come to you for furniture donations if you are unable to move the items yourself.