A sense of community pervades in Jersey Village, Texas

The city of Jersey Village, Texas, may be the sort of small-town southern city you see in the movies. Located in the Houston metropolitan area, it offers all of the comforts of a small community with the convenience of nearby big city life.

New residents of Jersey Village, TX real estate will find that they're quickly invited into the tightly knit community. It won't likely be long before you're nodding hello to the mayor, grabbing a bite to eat with the fire chief or refering to the chief of police by his first name. With a population of less than 7,500, residents are able to enjoy a sense of closeness that those who live in many of today's larger towns lack.

Jersey Village is a safe community and the Jersey Village Police Department encourages what they refer to as "community policing." This means that city residents work together with police to prevent and solve crimes, thereby building a strong sense of community and deterring potential wrongdoings.

For recreation, residents typically enjoy the warm Texas temperatures by swimming and attending events at the Jersey Village Community Pool, or invite each other for a round of golf at the Jersey Meadow Golf Course.