Selling a Home in Houston After the Holidays

Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get serious about home selling. Houston real estate sees a rise in interest among home buyers at this time. That means you, as a home seller, need to be ready to go. It can be difficult, though, to manage the home during this season, and showing off your home can be more difficult to do because of the cold, wet weather conditions. Nonetheless, there is still opportunity out there to sell your home at this time. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended that you turn to a experienced and licensed Houston real estate agent who is familiar with selling homes in the area. In the mean time, you can read about some ways in which you can improve your chances of selling your Houston home during the winter months!

Focus on Curb Appeal

Imagine being in the market to buy Houston real estate, pulling up to a home that looks great on paper and not being able to walk up the drive without being covered in mud. The homebuyer is immediately turned off. The house's interior isn't going to have a fair shot at impressing the home buyer at this point because he has already formed a bad first impression. If you are selling your Houston home, consider the following for curb appeal.

  • Keep sidewalks, walkways and the driveway cleaned and free of debris. You don't want this outdoor area to look bad.
  • Check out your gutters and roof. That homebuyer isn't going to like leaking gutters or those clogged with ice or leaves.
  • Don't forget the plants. Take a few colorful flowers that can handle the cold, such as your poinsettias from the holidays or evergreen bushes. Place them at the curb or on the porch.

Make the outside of your home appealing, clean and attractive to potential buyers. That's the first step with Houston real estate.

Tips for the Indoors

At the same time, you can make some big impressions if the interior of your home looks fantastic. During the colder winters, it feels good when you walk into the home and feel at ease and warm. How can you create the first impression? Here are some tips.

  • If you have a fireplace, turn it on. If you don't, use a space heater to keep the area warm. The key is to turn off that heater and put it away, though, before the guests come in the door.
  • Keep entryways and carpeting clean. That can be a challenge when it comes to the winter mess outdoors. It's a good idea to use mats to keep entryways clean.
  • Use your oven. Bake some cookies or bread. You want this to feel like home. Aside from de-cluttering and organizing your home, this could be one of the best benefits for you when selling your Houston home.

Houston real estate listings tend to grow around this time. That means you will soon have more competition out there. Be sure your home stands out, looks great and makes a fantastic first impression before your first guests arrive this new year! 

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