Retiring in Houston: The allure of the Museum district

The comparatively low cost of city living combined with affordable home prices make Houston, TX real estate appealing to retiring baby boomers. And, though each district offers something for everyone, the Museum district is likely to be especially appealing to retirees.

In 2007, CNN Money named the Museum district of Houston, Texas, one of the 35 best place to retire in America. The district garnered the nod because it boasts accessibility to parks, cultural centers like museums (we know, that’s a little obvious), and quality medical care. 

Additionally, the Texas Medical Center helped put the Museum District on the list, as the center is essentially made up more than 40 non-profit medical institutions that provide services at relatively low costs, the news source reported.

In addition to a walkable center and medical care, retirees who hope to stay active and engaged in their new communy will find that the Museum district offers plenty of volunteer opportunities. If you can’t get enough of the latest exhibits, you can lend your time to gain entry to, and special knowledge of, everything from art installations at the Houston Center of Photography to the latest creatures at the Houston Zoo.