Repair your scuffed shoes in Katy

After purchasing Katy, TX real estate, you may want to walk around town and acclimate yourself with all of the entertainment, dining and shopping options available to you. However, during your travels you may break a heel or scuff your new boots, so you may want to find a shoe repair service immediately. Fortunately, there are a few places you can check out in Katy, Texas.

Red Wing Shoe Store, located on 21953 Katy Freeway, is a professional leather shoe shop that can perform a number of upkeep services on your boots. This establishment offers free oiling, free laces, various shoe repair efforts and, if you need custom insoles, the staff will measure your feet and help you find comfort in your shoes.

Another shop you may want to visit for shoe repair is Katy Shoe Repair on 920 South Mason Road. The shop offers affordable services for a variety of footwear, and you'll be able to walk out of the shop with a brand new pair in a few hours.

If you've broken a heel or tripped and marked-up your boots, check out the local shoe shops to get them back to their original, shiny state.