Preserve a piece of Houston history

The Houston Archeological and Historical Commission (HAHC) is an official department of the City of Houston. Comprised of eight commissioners, the organization works to review and process buildings, structures, objects and sites to determine if they have historical significance to the city. Residential and commercial properties may find themselves on the list if they meet the group’s requirements.

Residents of older homes in Houston may want to consider checking out the organization’s website to determine the proper way to restore pieces of their property. While the home may not be included on the city’s historic properties list, it could become one eventually as it ages and remains in decent condition. Purchase one of the homes for sale in Houston that is pre-turn-of-the-century and enjoy the charm of an older home.

The planning involved in remodeling or repairing an older home can take time and research. Consider consulting experts from the historical commission of available resources to ensure changes are in line with preservation standards.