Preparing houses for sale in Houston: Upgrading paint and hardware

Those preparing houses for sale in Houston have a lot to consider in order to make their homes stand out among the rest. Because we're currently in a buyers' market, prospective homeowners have the freedom to be particularly picky. However, preparing your home for staging doesn't have to mean expensive renovations. It may be as simple as installing new knobs on your doors and cabinets and adding a fresh coat of paint.

Simple fix-ups like a paint job and basic home repairs are easy and inexpensive for home sellers to do on their own. For all your home repair needs, stop by Southland Hardware - it's a Houston favorite located on Westheimer Drive.

Before you begin painting, make sure your walls are clean, completely dry and flat. Fill large holes with self-expanding ceiling foam and use spackling paste or joint compound on smaller holes. Protect your floors and furnishings with tarps and drop cloths. Apply tape along the edges of wall moldings and other surfaces you don't want to see spattered with paint.

Next, take a look at your cabinets and doors. If the hardware is tarnished or dated, it can be polished or replaced for an immediate, low-cost upgrade.

With a fresh coat of paint and few updates, your home will look good as new to prospective buyers.