Plan a romantic night at home in Magnolia

If you've recently moved into Magnolia real estate and want to have a romantic night with your loved one, visit some of the local shops to pick up a few things to make your new home feel a little more intimate. Magnolia is a small community of approximately 1,250 people, and the shopping boutiques in the area can help you decorate your home for a special and romantic night.

Start by ordering or picking up flowers from Flowers Forever on 9311 Farm to Market 1488 Road. The boutique offers a wide array of fresh flower bouquets for any occasion, so if you want to purchase several roses to place throughout your new home, stop in and customize a few bundles.

The next stop on your quest may be Amz Liquor Depot on 6960 Farm to Market 1488 Road. If you want to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, you can stop by the outlet and select a nice red to go with the roses you just purchased, and then get some aromatic accents just a few minutes away in Plantersville, Texas.

The Legendary Candle Company, located on 21997 Farm to Market 1774 Road, has a wide variety of custom candles, so if you want a clean vanilla candle or sweet apple cinnamon alternative, stop by and pick up a few items on your way home for the night.