Notable people from Houston

If you have recently moved into one of the homes for sale in Houston, you are now a proud resident of the Lone Star State. Perhaps more importantly though, is the fact that you now live in one of the major cities in the country. Houston has produced some of the best-known people in history. Simply consider these amazing individuals who once shared an zip code with you.

Of course, Houston is known for its love of football, so it's no wonder it has produced some of the world's most talented football players. One that typically comes to the minds of Houstonians is Sam Adams. Born in the city in 1973, he went on to play college football for Texas A&M and was drafted shortly thereafter by the NFL. Adams played for a variety of teams including the Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and the Denver Broncos, just to name a few.

Other notable people from Houston include actress Hilary Duff, veteran news anchor Dan Rather and Grammy award winner and pop sensation Beyonce Knowles. Finally, who can leave a former president off the list? George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush live in the Houston area.