More Houston businesses investing in cloud-based services

Technology is instrumental in the success of many businesses, as more companies have shown a willingness to invest resources in such tools. In fact, many Houston technology firms are dedicating time to learning about the cloud, which could play a role in their future expansion. When you purchase one of the homes for sale in Houston, you might have the opportunity to learn about cloud-based services and their impact in the workplace.

According to the Houston Business Journal, the city's information technology, local software and telecommunications firms are spending millions of dollars on cloud technologies. Because cloud computing can make it easier for consumers to access and store data from any location, more companies are learning about it to enable telecommuting.

The ability to work remotely is a privilege - not a right - for many employees. Some tasks can be completed outside a typical work environment, which allow businesses to make this option available to their workforces.

When workers can remain productive from a variety of venues, these staff members could help their businesses maintain consistent profits. The cloud and telecommuting could have significant effects on the Houston economy, as they could benefit both companies and their employees. This option benefits employers because it allows them to reduce their expenses, while employees can enjoy completing assignments from their homes or other venues throughout the area. 

Are more cloud computing jobs becoming available?
The Houston Chronicle examined the impact of cloud computing jobs, noting that this technology is predicted to lead to 12,000 new positions in the community by the end of 2012. Additionally, this figure could reach 21,550 employees, or the same number of patrons it would take to fill the Toyota Center, by 2015.

Small and large businesses can enjoy cloud computing, as the technology is normally easy to learn and simple to share. In fact, some local companies are helping other employers understand the benefits of cloud operations.

BMC Software Inc. is a Houston-based provider of business service management solutions, and the organization shows companies how to effectively use cloud-based solutions. The Houston Business Journal reports that this information technology firm has become a $100 million company because of its innovative support for clients.

"Unlike other software companies who see cloud computing as a future 'revenue catalyst,' we are seeing the dramatic acceleration of an already successful business driver," Kia Behnia, BMC chief technology officer, told the news source.

Technology could play a significant part in the local economy, and it might be worthwhile to consider its impact when examining the homes for sale in this metro.