Ladies, prepare for a summer in Houston

There's nothing quite like a Lone Star State summer. The temperatures are warm yet comfortable, the sun is shining and everyone is in a great mood. Prepare for this wonderful time of the year by getting your body, mind and hair ready for summer. If you've recently moved into one of the houses for sale in Houston, There are a variety of spots in the downtown area that can help a lady transform into a sun-kissed southern belle in no time.

The first part of getting ready for summer is getting your body into shape. Consider stopping by a gym in the downtown area like Houstonian Health Club Lite. As a premier fitness center in the city, it provides its members with excellent service and facilities. There are two downtown locations, both on Louisiana Street.

Next, head over to the spa for facials and exfoliation treatments so you will look perfect at the beach. Dolce Vita Day Spa provides a tranquil setting so you feel relaxed and restored when you are done. You could also stop by a local salon for some sun-kissed highlights. Located right on Louisiana Street, Midtown Retreat Salon and Day Spa offers a relaxing and unique experience.