Houston's suburbs offer affordable housing options for homebuyers

When you consider moving to Texas, you may want to look at the real estate in Houston. While you might not want to live downtown if you plan to raise a family, there are numerous suburban communities just outside of the metro area that offer excellent school systems and affordable housing options. In fact, in some places, the average real estate sale price is far lower than what many home sellers list their properties for.

The neighborhood of Bunker Hill Village is a community of approximately 3,855 residents, according to the U.S. Census report, which makes it a fairly small town compared to the booming Houston city only 12.3 miles down the road. This quaint vibe makes Bunker Hill Village an enviable community to reside in, so you might want to survey the for-sale homes in the area.

Currently, the average real estate asking price in the 77024 ZIP code, which includes Bunker Hill Village, is approximately $1,437,902, according to ZipDataMaps, but the average sale price is far lower at $97,403. This discrepancy in price could be the result of a stumbling national economy, fewer job opportunities and hesitant homebuyers. Either way, if you're looking to purchase a home in the area, you can find great deals today.