Houston's oil and gas industry to add jobs

Houston is known for its oil and gas industry, and this sector could see increased profits in the near future. People who check out some of the homes for sale in Houston could seek jobs in the industry, as an oil and gas company recently announced its plans to increase its staff.

According to the Houston Chronicle, GE Oil & Gas, a Houston-based company that currently employs more than 33,000 staff member worldwide, is looking to fill at least 200 product-manufacturing jobs and 30 supply-chain positions. The business intends to place these new additions at various locations in the area.

Paul Smith, a senior executive with GE Oil & Gas, said that his company plans to increase its capacity in Houston by offering residents employment opportunities and a skills development program to assist machinists and welders.

Houston's unemployment rate keeps falling
The available positions with GE Oil & Gas represent just a few of the jobs available to Houston residents. This city's unemployment rate continues to fall, which bodes well for local citizens and businesses.

Houston's jobless rate fell to 6.3 percent in September 2012, the Houston Business Journal reports. This figure is 0.7 percent lower than that of August and two percent lower than it was in September 2011.

However, Houston is just one of several cities that saw its employment figures improve last month. The Texas Workforce Commission reports that employment increased in seven of the state's major industries in September, and a number of factors may have contributed to these increases.

"Thanks to low taxes, a sensible regulatory environment, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Texas remains the number one state in America to do business," said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Tom Pauken. "Since last year, the Texas economy has added 272,400 private sector jobs. That's a 3.1 percent annual growth rate for Texas compared to the national rate of just 1.7 percent."

The U.S. Census Bureau notes that Houston had a population of more than 2.1 million residents in 2010, and this number could soon increase. The city has a booming economy and is home to many Fortune 500 companies. Current Houston residents may notice a wide variety of newcomers as people hope to take advantage of the employment and financial opportunities available in the area.