Houston's housing market is hotter than the summer weather

When looking to relocate to an emerging housing market, you might want to consider investing in real estate in Houston, TX. This metro area has shown strong signals that it is primed and ready for a full-blown recovery. In fact, some local real estate experts would argue that Houston has already recovered and grown into a thriving market.

Homebuyers in the city went on a spending tear in May 2012 and pushed sales volumes to their highest metric since June 2008, Your Houston News reports. This uptick marked twelfth straight months of sustained gains, while the metro area inventory of for-sale homes fell to a five-year low.

All in all, total sales for the month rose to 6,885, which is a 23.8 percent jump on a year-over-year basis.

It's a great time to move to Houston, but expect to enter bidding wars once you find homes you are interested in purchasing. People are claiming available houses regularly, and with inventories down, the better properties are being fought over by those who want to get into the marketplace before values get any higher.