Houston teacher to receive recognition from Texas A&M

Education is often an important factor in a family's decision to relocate to a specific metro. However, when you make the move to one of the houses for sale in Houston, you'll likely have access to a wide selection of high-quality educational facilities. Several local schools feature faculty and staff who are truly dedicated to the education of their students.

The Northland Christian School at 4363 Sylvanfield Drive exemplifies much of what makes the city's school system stand apart from others in the Lone Star State. The private educational institution has two campuses in northwest Houston, and its programs have helped pupils earn excellent ACT and SAT scores. In fact, one of this school's teachers will soon earn recognition for her achievements, which further reflects the impact faculty members can have on their students.

According to the TAMUtimes, Northland Christian School teacher Shonda Majors will receive the Texas A&M University Inspiration Award for Exceptional Education on August 10, 2012. Former student David Worth nominated Majors, and acknowledged that she has had a substantial impact on his success at Texas A&M. In fact, many of Majors' students have moved onto careers in biology, medical sciences and veterinary medicine.

"Every one of those students that attends these professional schools has said that Mrs. Majors inspired them by making learning challenging scientific concepts an adventure," Worth told the news source. "Most importantly, she not only inspired us but also tremendously prepared her kiddos to succeed in college so that we could all make it to the next level of our education."

While many teachers simply try to impact their pupils' lives, few might actually receive recognition for their accomplishments. It could be worthwhile to consider some of the other achievements of the Houston school system, as these could influence your decision to relocate to the area.

The Houston Independent School District
The Houston Independent School District (HISD) includes 279 schools and over 203,000 pupils. While this might sound overwhelming, the system is designed to help kids prepare for college and beyond.

Recent data indicates more students are taking advantage of the system's offerings. ABC13 Houston reports that the district-wide dropout rate at these schools fell 10 percent between 2007 and 2011. Additionally, the educational institutions' graduation rate increased 14 percent during the same time frame.

Check out the schools in Houston when evaluating the properties available throughout the metro.