Houston goes green this fall

Many prospective homebuyers look to find communities and cities that have values in-line with their own. If you're passionate about sustainability, you'll find that Houston is a city that's collectively working to achieve green goals and working to play an active role in the sustainability movement.

The city recently introduced the Houston Green Office Challenge, which targets everyone from office workers to building owners. The goal of the initiative is to work toward an overwhelmingly green city and to possibly even seek LEED or Energy Star certification for many of the city's office buildings.

If you're an office tenant, you can compete by signing up for the challenge. After enrolling you'll receive a scorecard, and green practices, from recycling to recruiting other participants, can be tallied as points.

For building owners and property managers of Houston, TX real estate, the challenge is a bit different. This side of the challenge focuses on reducing consumption. Goals include lowering energy use, water use and waste creation by a certain percentage. In addition, there are "stretch" goals, which consist of a much larger reduction.

Additionally, the city is willing to give incentives for green remodeling that could reach up to $200,000.

According to Forbes.com, Houston commuters are also among the most environmentally conscious in the U.S., as 17 percent of drivers have more than one passenger in the car during the daily commute to or from the office.