Houston goes green

If you’re interested in going green and investing in change, Houston may be the right city for you. According to The City of Houston website, the metro is dedicated to promoting green technology and implementing sustainable initiatives. Consider purchasing one of the environmentally friendly homes for sale in Houston and participating in one of these local programs.

This city facilitates the redevelopment of brownfields, areas that are left as mud. The source claims the phase one and two environmental sites are available for development. The initiative strives to take underdeveloped spaces that have been left wasted and “brown” and turn them into usable green spaces. For example, the Minute Maid Park in Houston was formerly a brownfield.

Vegetable gardens
Located around the city are vegetable spaces being developed by Houston locals. The Bob Lanier Public Works Building Gardens and City HALL AND City Hall Annex Gardens are two areas being developed as public gardens.

"The City Hall Victory Garden is another opportunity to bring citizens into the city-wide sustainability strategy - to make Houston a greener and healthier place to live and work," said Mayor Annise Parker. "The City of Houston is leading by example, demonstrating how easy and affordable it can be to build a container garden."