Houston energy industry helps attract college graduates

Many young professionals are taking their talents to Houston for employment opportunities in the energy industry, and this may be an indication that the value of the homes for sale in Houston could soon increase. FuelFix notes that Houston ranked among the top cities in the country for college graduates due to its energy industry, and workers across the city earn a mean annual income of $47,490.

There are several reasons why college graduates could pursue homes in Houston. In March 2012, the city featured an unemployment rate of 7 percent. Additionally, the Houston-Baytown-Sugarland metropolitan statistical area saw total non-farm employment increased 82,300 between March 2011 and March 2012, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Job growth throughout the area could help drive workers to the metro, and educational opportunities could further affect the energy industry.

For example, UH Energy brings University of Houston students from business, engineering, law and other specialties together in a consolidated effort toward solving the world's energy challenges. This program offers a unique opportunity  to local students, and the experience they receive might convince them to find a job in the city's energy sector.

Take advantage of the city's educational and employment opportunities in the energy industry, a growing segment of the Houston economy.