Home buyers interested in affordable properties in Houston may want to make their move quickly

Homes for sale in Houston are gaining popularity by the day, and the housing market is becoming more competitive for buyers looking to move to the city. Houston homeowner Angelo Pioli told the Houston Chronicle that he and his wife had to make their first offer their best when moving from Arizona to Texas in 2012.

"If you think you like something in this particular market, you better make an offer then and there or someone will beat you out," Pioli said.

There are several contributing factors to this trend. The city's energy sector is in a state of high momentum, raising demand for homes in areas near the Energy Corridor, where many companies in that industry are located. Additionally, the rise in home acquisitions has raised the value of many properties throughout the city, so sellers are able to take multiple bids to get the best price in some neighborhoods.

Despite the rising demand in Houston real estate, you may still be able to purchase a home at a price of approximately $165,000. To get an optimal value for your investment, you may want to consider a fixed-rate loan, because you can receive an interest rate that remains the same for the mortgage's duration.