Give your Houston dream home curb appeal after you close

Mortgage rates in the Houston metropolitan area are currently among the most reasonable in the country. And, if you're willing to work with a fixer-upper found among the homes for sale in Houston, TX, it's likely that you'll save even more - making an effort to see beyond a lack of curb-appeal may be the best way to find your dream home in your price range. 

However, knowing how to cost-effectively upgrade your new home is essential to ensuring that your hard work pays off. 

Some simple first steps can have an immediate impact on the feel of your new residence. First, focus on the surfaces of your home. For example, fresh paint, flooring, tiling and hardware, such as doorknobs and switchplates, will immediately give a house a major facelift. Next, consider long-term details, such as lighting fixtures, for further upgrades. 

Additionally, skillfully performing basic home upgrades is an excellent way to stay within your budget while using high-quality materials and products. Many home goods stores, such as Lowe's and Home Depot, host weekly demonstrations on basic home maintenance tasks. There are more than 19 home-improvement stores in the Houston, Texas-area, so check to see if there's a useful demonstration in your community. 

The great thing about buying a house that needs updating is that you can do so in a way that reflects your personal tastes and decor, not to mention it can be a lot of fun!