Enroll your kids in Houston lacrosse

If you have recently settled into one of the homes for sale in Houston, consider looking at this change as a new start for your kids. Maybe your daughter is getting tired of gymnastics, or your son didn't make the baseball team at his old school - a new city is a chance for them to discover a new hobby and uncover hidden talent. Lacrosse may be the next sport your kids will love and joining a local team will be a great for them to meet new friends and get great exercise.

Houston Youth Lacrosse was founded in 2001 and has since become very active in the Houston community. Providing club lacrosse teams for boys and girls, this organization supports teams from a variety of area schools like Lamar High School and Pin Oak Middle School. Just be sure to sign up your kids early, because registration spots tend to fill up quickly.

Another excellent organization for lacrosse players in the area is Houston Lacrosse Academy. Located on 1601 Pech Street, skill sessions teach players the fundamentals of the sport and how to improve talents and overall potential.