Drainage and infrastructure updates could improve Houston

The ReBuild Houston Charter Amendment, passed in November 2010, aims to rebuild the city’s drainage and street infrastructure to improve the quality of life of residents and decrease traffic congestion around the city, according to The City of Houston website.

A charter amendment was voted on and approved, but, subsequently, three residents contended the ballot language about how the city would pay for the improvement was misleading. As a result, the Fourteenth Court of Appeals revisited the ballot to determine if this was the case. The court voted the pay-as-you-go plan was succinctly and accurately explained.

"Today’s decision validates the City’s actions and the will of the voters," said Mayor Annise Parker. "Houstonians knew we needed a dedicated pay-as-you-go fund to replace our city’s aging infrastructure, and that is exactly what we’re doing. Instead of incurring debt and worrying about future payments, we are now being fiscally responsible."

Initiatives such as these improve the quality of life in Houston. Consider checking out homes for sale in Houston and take advantage of the landscape of the metro.