Cy Fair has its fair share of high-end restaurants

After sitting in your Cy Fair, TX real estate, you may want to head out into town to enjoy some of the fine dining options available to you. Fortunately, the Cy Fair area has several high-end eateries that can satiate your affluent palate.

If you want to try a restaurant influenced by Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, check out Merche! located on 21208 Northwest Freeway. The establishment uses the best of both cultures to create dishes like chicken picatta, which is pan-seared and served in a light butter sauce with grape tomatoes, capers and steamed broccoli, or the Seared 80z. Ahi tuna steak wrapped with applewood smoked bacon and featuring a demi-glaze reduction sauce.

Another place you may want to visit is Piqueo located on 13215 Grant Road. The Peruvian restaurant specializes in small plates, offering you and your guests a variety of items to share with the entire table. In addition to the tapas, the main courses are creatively made to include staple Peruvian meals like arroz con mariscos, which uses coastal Peruvian fused seafood, herbs, spices and hot peppers to create a unique take on Spanish paella and Italian risotto.