Could Houston residents see decreases in city crime rates in the future?

A recent development in the Houston community could impact potential homebuyers interested in the area. On June 5, 2012, the Houston City Council accepted Mayor Annise Parker's proposal to create the Forensic Science Local Government Corporation (LGC), a group dedicated to improving the metro's crime rates. You might notice significant decreases in crime after purchasing one of the homes for sale in Houston, as local initiatives target new strategies to enhance safety throughout the region.

The city council approved the mayor's proposal by a 15-2 vote.

"We want an independent crime lab operation that is held to the highest standards of science, run effectively and efficiently and not swayed by politics or the desires of police and prosecutors," Parker said. "It is just as evil to allow someone who has committed a heinous crime to go free as it is to incorrectly convict someone who is innocent. Today's vote was an important and necessary step in my goal of restoring faith in our forensic activities."

Local law enforcement officials and residents may notice the impact of the LGC.

What influences a city's crime rate?
Authorities might attempt a variety of strategies to limit crime in an area, and Houston officials have been working diligently to improve safety across the metro.

Burglary, theft and auto theft ranks as a few of the top offenses in the city. The new lab could help deter crime, as its board of directors will balance several responsibilities to help Houston residents feel safe.

Meanwhile, the Houston Police Department has taken additional steps to improve. Local authorities have been trying to build a more diverse workforce, which could greatly benefit the community.

Parker told the Houston Chronicle that  employing officers from a wide variety of backgrounds can help break down some of the cultural and gender barriers that exist in any community. A diverse group of officers might be influential in the city's crime rates, as they may be able to get cooperation from minority groups easier.

Recent initiatives show Houston officials are taking crime in the area seriously, and working diligently to enhance the quality of life for local residents. Consider the benefits of these endeavors when reviewing the houses for sale in the area.