Are there any community colleges near Houston?

After high school some students may not be ready for a traditional four-year university. As a result, it's sometimes a good idea for students to first attend a community college. They can also be ideal for professionals hoping to take new courses and prepare for a higher degree. If you and your family have recently moved into one of the homes for sale in Houston, there are community colleges in the area that can suit these variety of needs.

The Houston Community College is a highly reputable institution and one of the largest higher learning facilities in the country. With six campus locations around the city, more than 70,000 students enroll each semester. The tuition is very affordable and the professors are highly knowledgeable in their fields. Stop by the main office on 3100 Main Street for more information.

Other quality community colleges in Houston include San Jacinto Community College and Lone Star College System. San Jacinto is great because it truly offers the student experience, with intramural sports and other fun activities, at the community college cost. Lone Star can help students take hold of their careers prepare for a bright future.