3 neighborhoods to visit when buying Houston real estate

As one of the nation’s largest metro areas, Houston has tons of neighborhoods to choose from, so as you begin your search,  you will need to narrow down your choices to a select few neighborhoods because, realistically, there isn't enough time to visit every house in every neighborhood.  Some popular choices that people lean towards when buying Houston real estate are Kingwood, Downtown Houston, and Pearland. Each of these three regions within Houston offers unique options when it comes to both real estate and lifestyle.


Kingwood, for instance, is one of Houston’s fastest growing suburban areas and is often described as “the livable forest.” This particular community is filled with lush woodland giving its residents a nice escape from the urban atmosphere of the city. This master planned community preserves these woodland areas through its Greenbelts, which provide an array of outdoor activities and green space for the residents of the community.

Kingwood has over 500 acres of public park land, including a pubic dog park and a skate park.  What's more, residents of Kingwood can enjoy being within close proximity to four golf courses, 26 tennis courts, countless restaurants and major retailers.  The community features spacious real estate on large lots of land with an average listing sales price of $256,575.

Downtown Houston

On the other hand, Downtown Houston is the hub for economic and business activities.  Those who wish to avoid a lengthy commute may want to consider lofts, condos, or apartments in the downtown region of Houston. Many of these units are housed in historic buildings and offer benefits like hardwood floors and high ceilings. In addition to being convenient for professionals who need to commute into the city, buying Houston real estate in the downtown area puts the buyer at the center of cultural and sports attractions. As of November 2012, real estate in the downtown region have an average sales price of $273,839.


Pearland sits on the south side of Beltway 8 and offers a short 15 minute commute into the city - the shortest commute of all the suburban neighborhoods, yet it is surprisingly rural in nature. One benefit of buying Houston real estate in Pearland is the affordability of the homes here. As of November 2012, homes had an average sales price of just $138,150, with single-family homes being the most typical type of property. Like Kingswood, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, and the third largest city in the Houston metro area, which is reflective of its popularity. This growth also contributed to the increasing number of newly constructed properties in the area.

For those buying property in Pearland and commuting to the downtown area, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has several Metro Park and ride facilities throughout the community, which makes the short commute even easier. With a recreation department, a YMCA facility and the Pearland Natatorium and Recreational Center; this community has a number of organizations that provide leisurely fun for families. It also has a number of different shopping districts where dining options are abundant here.

Whether you choose to buy Houston real estate in the downtown area or in one of its suburban neighborhoods, you will find a wide range of properties that are listed for sale.

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