Homes Worthy of Presidents

Happy early Presidents’ Day!

Whether you are spending the weekend at a ski lodge or holed up at home enjoying the last bit of winter, we rounded up some homes of past presidents, thanks to Curbed.

1. The Fords’ Rancho Mirage Golf Course Home

Gerald Ford bought the 1.37-acre parcel from his friend, Leonard Firestone (yep, the man behind the tires of the same name) and had their 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath home built in the 70’s. My favorite part? Comes with a pool and separate his and hers offices. A president needs to work in absolute peace, and a quick dip in the pool never hurt a head of State.

(P.S. It’s on the market for 1.699 million!)

2. Teddy Roosevelt’s Game-filled Mansion

We’re not talking Monopoly – Theodore Roosevelt was a serious hunter and spent his golden days in a 15-bedroom Queen Anne on 83 acres. Huge, right? Well, by the looks of it, he needed much of that room for his various animal skin rugs and hunting trophies. Click on over to see some more photos.

3. Hoover’s (and FDR’s, and Eisenhower’s) Trout Fishing Estate

If you’re carrying around the burden of being the chief executive of the United States, sometimes you need to get away and reflect. And there’s nothing like a retreat to provide restoration and time for reflection. So thought Herbert Hoover who originally purchased the 450-acre property known as Trout Run, which later played host to some of our country’s greatest presidents: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower.

You, too, can get away to fish, swim in the Olympic-size pool, and enjoy the bath house… only for 8.95 million.


Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you next week with the final installments of our buyer series!