Homes to Help Prepare for the Walking Dead!

With the return of the second half of Season 3 of the Walking Dead, we thought you could benefit from our extensive knowledge on zombies.  I know what you’re thinking... What could ZipRealty possibly know about zombies?  Well, if you think real estate isn't a prime concern during a zombie apocolypse, Think again.  We’ve compiled a list of key things to look for when seeking a refuge from  the threat of being eaten alive.

#1  Location! Location! Location!

While an apartment in Manhattan can be nice, it’s probably not the best place to reside when your recently dead neighbors decide your arms would make for a nice afternoon brunch.  Obviously, the easiest way to survive a zombie apocalypse would be to go unnoticed.  The harder you make it to find you the better your odds of survival.

Home on the Range

While the rest of the world is fighting off the living dead, why not relax in this secluded property hidden in the woods? 

Island Getaway

The ultimate in seclusion, perfect for a zombie outbreak getaway, just don’t be surprised when you start to hate seafood.

CliffSide Fortress

The architect took the Aerosmith song “Livin’ on the Edge” a little too literally in this particular example, but you could bunker down in this type of place when things get dicey.

#2 Security

After finding the right location for your zombie retreat, you’ll need to look into making sure it’s secure.  Random zombies will likely crop up from time to time and you’ll want to be prepared when they do.

Perimeter Fencing

While zombies are not particularly athletic, they can be very persistent.  Ideally you’d want something sturdy such a stone or metal.   White picket fences are an obvious “No” in this situation.

Care for a Swim?

Just empty out the pool, cover it up with some tarp, camouflage it with debris, and wait for your unsuspecting zombies to fall right into your trap! 

Weather the storm

Storm shutters are a great safeguard, because we all know how much Zombies love to jump through your windows.

#3 Self - Sufficiency

Last but not least, you need to be as self sufficient as possible.   Finding a self sufficient home should make the Zombie Apocalypse just a minor inconvenience and ironically you’ll be doing nature a favor as well.

H2 Oh Well

3 days without water and the undead will be the least of your concerns.   Find a place with a natural water source or a well.

I have the Power

Not only is solar paneling eco-friendly and cost saving during non-zombie prone times, but homes which are equipped with solar panels can help provide electricity in the event that your local power plant is overrun by Walkers.