A High-Tech Game Plan: Eli Manning’s Tricked-Out Condo & Gadgets For Game Day

We are gearing up for Super Bowl 2012 on Sunday around here with office-wide bets being made on the outcome of the football game. In the spirit of preparation and as a follow-up to last week’s post on New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, today we’re checking out the competition: Eli Manning of the New York Giants.


Manning's Game Plan: Total Contol

Famously known as Peyton Manning’s younger brother, the star quarterback has his own signature style when throwing touchdowns or buying real estate. Compared to Tom Brady’s over-the-top supersized mansion, Eli Manning’s game plan for his home couldn’t be more different.

Manning and his wife, Abby, prioritized “total home control” (or, fully automated electronic systems) when updating their 3,000 square foot New Jersey condo. Tom Brady’s home could accommodate a little over seven of Manning’s high-tech condos, so the quarterback was obviously not concerned with size so much as function.

The condo features one-touch lighting control for every room, automation of motorized shades, the ability to play music in every room, and even a hidden bar (definitely my favorite). Pretty sweet, huh?


Super Gadgets for an Unforgettable Super Bowl Party

While Manning will be throwing touchdown passes on Sunday, most of us will be watching the game from the comfort of our own or a friend’s home. One of our favorite blogs, Gadget Lab (by Wired), did a roundup of 8 gadgets to throw an awesome Super Bowl party.

For all those Manning fans out there (or at least, lovers of home tech), check out our favorites:

1. Slingbox – Itching for a few more wings? Don’t want to miss the potentially game-changing play (or the halftime show)? Set this sucker up with a laptop or tablet and stream the game from your TV.

2. Breville Smart Oven – Some genius decided to combine the exact temperature controls of a conventional oven with the exact timer of the microwave, and ding! this countertop oven was born. Not that I ever burn the snacks (because I cannot stop watching the commercials), but this programmable over is great for any party.

3. Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender – I guess it’s fairly obvious now that I spend a better part of the Super Bowl in the kitchen, and party cooking is so much easier with an immersion blender for those salsas and dips you’ll be whipping up on Game Day.

You should be well-equipped to host a high-tech Super Bowl gathering with these in your possession. We’d like to think that Eli Manning would want them, too. Not that we’re picking teams, of course.

Enjoy the game!


Sources: All photos c/o Electronic House, Gadget Lab