Helping America's Vets Become American Homeowners

Happy Veteran’s Day! To all who have served and their families, we send thanks. In honor of this holiday, we offer today a roundup of links to articles we’ve published with a focus on vets, as well as highlight additional resources.

American vets and homeownership

With the number of returning military estimated to number into the millions, helping vets transition successfully back into American life isn't just the "right thing to do," it's essential to the country as a whole. Aware of this onus, we've examined the support available to vets in this country-- specifically, the support of their dreams of homeownership. And we are happy to report there are real, viable options for our service people, as evidenced in the linked examples below. 

National Blogs



  • A New Day for Hopeful Veteran Homebuyers: Clearly, for our returning military to be successful participants in our country’s economy—and this includes buying a home-- they need jobs. This post focuses on the federal passing of the American Jobs Act, which offers tax credits to businesses that employ vets.  


  • The Road Home and the Road to a Home: in this blog exploring the federal and state level support for veteran homebuyers, find information on VA loans and other programs reserved for vets only.

Local Blogs

  • Dallas:

Dallas to Fund Construction of Veteran Housing?: this blog looks at late summer efforts in Dallas, TX to provide housing for its high vet population.

  • San Diego:

San Diego Public Works: Plan to Build Hospital for Vets with PTSD and Brain Injury: a blog investigating plan to build special hospital in San Diego and local reaction.

Additional Resources

  • Chicago’s Plan: City and state of Illinois help for veteran homebuyers. The programs are now over a year old, and vary from city to rural area. 
  • Boston’s Plan: Local support to get vets into homes. Boston has a high number of active duty and returning from duty service people. The city has responded with innovative programs to house these brave, deserving people.
  • Most current VA Loan information: From the VA webpage, includes eligibility info and links to applications, as well as to advisors for any additional counsel.
  • Most current state by state support for vets, including home loan programs, this link is a military focused resource that includes a heat map of the US. Visitors can select their state, choose the program of interest (so for instance, home loans) and find local, current information.


Anna Marie Erwert writes from both the renter and new buyer perspective, having (finally) achieved both statuses. She focuses on national real estate trends, specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. Follow Anna on Twitter: @AnnaMarieErwert