Green Up Your Small Space

Spring is in full swing (even if the weather hasn’t caught up all over the country), and this week, we’ve dedicated some posts to talking about how to transform the outside of your home, both front and back. Rejuvenating a backyard may be appealing to you, but what if—like me—you don’t have a “yard” to speak of?

I live in an Oakland fourplex and am fortunate to have not just parking, but also a strip of soil about nine inches wide. On top of that, the soil is in bad shape, and I haven’t had much luck due to poor root formation, pests, cats, you name it!

There are some great and creative DIY solutions out there for those of us with small yards (or none at all). Whether you own a condo, a small home with no yard, or have terrible soil that you don’t want to replace, these ideas from Apartment Therapy are sure to jump-start your spring garden inspiration.

Pallet Garden

This is perfect for a balcony, but could really be stowed anywhere you have ample sunlight and a bit of vertical space. A pallet garden would make a good home for herbs, lettuces, or some easy-to-grow blooms like nasturtiums. (Life on the Balcony)

Shoe Organizer Garden

This is great if you have to contend with furry critters like cats or squirrels, or even some other pests. Hang it wherever you like, and your plants should grow undisturbed! (Instructables)

Wine Crate Garden

Oh, this is my favorite not just because you have to drink the vino to get the container (win-win!), but also because you can grow root vegetables in it as well (beets, carrots, onions) since the wine crate is a bit deeper than the other options. (LLH Designs)


If you have some sunshine this weekend (unlike the Bay Area), try out one of these awesome DIY gardening projects. And if you want even more inspiration, check out our Landscaping Pinterest board or our Drop in and Win sweepstakes where you could win a gift card to Lowe's to bring some life to your backyard!

Happy weekend!