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When you’re searching for a home, you want to make sure you’re getting the full picture...

If you guessed Seattle’s Space Needle, you’re right!

Whether you recognized this landmark right away or had no clue what it was, you don’t want to be taking shots in the dark when it comes to your home search. We get that. That’s why we created the Listing Check tool - so you always get the full picture on what’s for sale (and what’s not)!

You may have read about our study in Monday’s post, and maybe you tried out our Listing Check tool to get proof of why our data is simply better than other real estate websites; that is, how we can show buyers up to 30% more homes and never (ever!) include “sold” homes in your search results.\

But we didn’t create Listing Check simply to pump up our own self-esteem; we created it for you, the buyer, so you can search confidently knowing for sure that you’re getting current and complete home search results.

In a competitive market - and many cities are becoming or have already become just that - the best homes sell quickly. If you’re searching on a website that isn’t tied to an MLS and doesn’t get market data until a few days after a home has been listed, just like that: you could miss out on a great home.

We don’t ever want you to miss out on a home, be disappointed by a home that’s not really for sale or waste your time trying to get the right information. That’s why we’ve built an totally up-to-date website with fresh search results (the same goes for our awesome mobile app) and connected it to local experts who are ready to act quickly to get you the home you love!

We’ve got you covered: from the start of your search to getting the keys to a home you absolutely love.

Learn more about Listing Check or start searching with (even more) confidence.

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